Continuing our manufacturing traditions in this product group due to our experiences decades long beside our stock program our expert are ready to help you to find the most suitable solution for your grinding task. We offer customized products based on our clients’ special need as analyzed. The delivery time of the product manufactured on order is 6-8 weeks.

Geometrical range : 75-900mm outside diameter

Grain size: FEPA 10-220

The specification system depends on the abrasive manufacturer; there is a large number of parameters which is defined by the producer. Please check the information about Granit’s specification system, which would help you to identify the wheel needed.

For any specific grinding task, the specification of the grinding tools should be revised and might be modified! Please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives for further advice! Please review our short guideline, which would help the choice of the right tool. Our colleagues will ask you the same questions when consulting to be able to identify the product.

For a couple of typical applications, general solutions our expert edited a recommendation table to help in the identification and in your choice. Please look at the general recommendations!

The below stock product give an overview only about our product selection. Please check with our sales representatives about the individually developed, unique wheels!

All of our grinding wheels can be ordered in recessed or profiled version for additional charge. Delivery time for shaping a straight wheel is 2 weeks from receipt of your order.


Vitrified grinding wheels

-        Straight grinding wheels (shape type 1)
-          Special shaped wheels for tool sharpening
-          Segments
-          Straight and profiled wheels for tool and saw sharpening
-          Stone dresser, scythe stones, mounted points 

Resinoid bonded grinding wheels

-          Resinoid bonded grinding wheels







It is essential that both the manufacturer and the user of the grinding tools strictly follow the instructions of safety and working environment! Please review the safety recommendations!