1922: The foundation of original company, manufacturing of potteries and stoves; The birth of the GRANIT brand

1951: The beginning of grinding wheels production at the current location site (vitrified and resinoid)

1963: The start of the Graniflex cutting-off and grinding discs’ manufacturing

1979-1981: DSA permission for Graniflex wheels

1987: Reconstruction and capacity expansion in the plant of vitrified and resinoid bonded wheels; New, Canadian know-how

1993: Establishment of GRANIT Grinding Wheel Ltd., the company became independent from the former Granit group

1996: ISO 9001 certification

1999: Partial privatization

1999: Introduction of the upgraded product family: Graniflex Plussz cutting and grinding discs

2000-2001: 1-1,6 mm thin cutting wheels’ market introduction

2001: Fortified INOX wheels with extended life

2002: Global privatization

2004: The Granitflex high performance Cutting-Master product family was awarded at the Industria 2004 fair

2004: Granit is the member of the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives

2004: Granit started the technological development with the support of the European Union (GVOP and KMOP tender), new investments in presses, mixers, heat treating equipments, information system, new tools for R&D in order to increase capacity and quality

2006: Cutting-Master product family - Hungarian Quality Product Award tender

2007: New generation 3in1 cutting and thin grinding discs in one, the Graniflex Combi-Master

2007: Combi-Master new generation tools - Hungarian Quality Product Award tender

2009: ISO 14001 certification