As there are no safety standard and regulation valid for the whole word in relation with the abrasives, the users have the reasonable fear of the safety when choosing the tools for work.

The abrasive wheels are operated on high speed. The functioning of the tools either to be used in large scale in the industry or at home for maintenance needs to be safe. The end users need to be educated to be aware of the importance of the safety when choosing the tools. Granit as a responsible company is not only liable for their own manufacturing. With our activities and services we support our partners by emphasizing the meaning of safety in this industry and by making to understand, to realize the point of the choice.

We are proving our efforts regarding safety. Since 1981 the Graniflex cutting and grinding tools had been certified, first by DSA (Deutscher Schleifscheibenausschuss). After the clearance of the wheels was not anymore a requirement before introducing them at the market, the largest abrasive producers decided to act. In this uncertain situation they founded the oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives).

Granit is the member of oSa[1]. In 2004 Granit and all of its manufactured products received OSA certification which means they comply with the standards required by the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives.


GRANIT as the member of oSa::

Monitors the entire production process;

Constantly checks production according to EN standard;
Is committed to ethical guidelines as well as maximum safety at work and environmental protection.

Only the members of oSa have the legal right to make the oSa logo appeared on their products (label or packaging). The oSa signed products make the job of the buyer easier. The logo itself inform us, that at the source of the product high attention is paid on the manufacturing and safety level.

Look for the oSa sign on the grinding tools!

The high and continuously steady quality of the GRANIT products is guaranteed by the ISO9001 quality assurance system. We received ÖQS Quality Management System certification in 1996. The company has been certified by IQNet, meeting with ISO9001:2000, since 2003. We have been certified for ISO14001:2004 in year 2009.


We manufacture our products using controlled and only the highest quality raw materials. We benefit from the up to date technology and modern equipments applied. The high performance and the safety of our product are assured.

We check the performance of our products regularly on tests. Please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues when you are interested in our education program, where beside the theoretical education we hold trainings in practice. During the program our partners can participate on a factory tour learning more about the technology – to be understood for example why it takes 6-8 weeks to produce a vitrified wheel – and in our test lab on the performance test they can have a detailed information about what makes a “good wheels”. What are the important parameters of the quality (life, removal rate, cutting speed, comfort)?

[1] What is oSa? Leading producers of high-grade abrasive products have come together in this international organization to document the high safety standards of their branded and quality products. oSa members are committed to sustain quality assurance and ensure the adherence to safety standards. As a result, the user knows that the products with oSa label reflect high-grade production and high safety standards. www.osa-abrasives.org