The Graniflex cutting and grinding discs are high quality wheels which we developed for professional industrial usage and thus have a long working life. In order to ensure that our wheels are made in the highest quality and provide the most stable performance, all of our raw materials are sourced from high quality, regularly controlled suppliers who have a long history of delivering us quality goods.    cutting
As responsible abrasive manufacturers we produce our disc s with 2-4 reinforcements to ensure absolute safety. The safety of the discs is regularly checked through our quality assurance system.
We continuously develop new products based on requests and feedback from our clients.

We have a wide range of products available directly from stock recommended for different application areas, like products for steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel and stone.

Geometrical range: 75mm – 500mm

The cutting discs are produced in flat (41) in our stock program, but in our selection we have also depressed version those we produce on order.

In additional to our standard discs we can provide custom made product as well – there is a minimum order size. Please ask our quotation, we consider the given grinding task in our offer and develop new compositions where needed.

Specification system guide helps you to indentify the disc and gives you an overview of the pictograms and symbols used on the labels.


Graniflex Master premium product family both for structural and stainless steel

-        High performance, universal Graniflex Cutting-Master thin cut off discs
-        Combi-Master „3 in 1” cutting and thin grinding discs

Professional category Graniflex Plussz cutting and grinding discs optimized for industrial usage

-        Thin cutting discs for steel and for inox
-          Cutting and grinding discs for steel
-          Cutting and grinding discs for alloyed steel
-          Cutting and grinding discs for stainless steel
-          Cutting and grinding discs for stones and cast iron (concrete, tiles etc.) 
-          Rail cutting discs