Fulfilling our partner’s need for wider product selection we included the coeted product in our program.

Answering the challenges of the industry we provide flap discs. The new generation tools not only provide work with ease but also reduce your grinding cost. These guarantee consistent and economical work to complete finishing.

The Graniflap discs are constructed with zircon and with aluminum oxide grains, in flat and convex version The convex flap discs are available from stock, the flat version only for orders. We can also provide other grains sizes and 150mm diameter version – there is a minimum order size!

In the second line we offer Granit Economy flap discs in diameter 115-125mm with aluminum oxide grain on a very advantageous price level.

The high quality fibre discs – cross pattern, on strong paper carrier – have a broad range of universal application. The extensive grit range ensures that there is a fibre discs for all of your grinding task. The aluminum oxide grains provide long service life.

The velcro discs are characterized by strong paper carrier resisting heavy duty, self sharpening grains and high quality resins to deliver the best grinding performance. The user friendly, self fastening design ensures short set up time.

Our cloth sheets can be described by close coating, corundum grains, and blue backing. The sheets can be used in wide application area economically, choosing the appropriate grains size to fine or rough grinding purpose.